In this eye-opening book, Dr. Bob Goldwasser establishes that a strong Electronic Fan Relationship Management (e-FRM) program must include a team web site full of interactive features, an email and text messaging fan outreach program and in-game enhancements using the Internet; and if implemented, Dr. Goldwasser demonstrates that fans are more likely to visit the team web site and more likely to attend future games. An aggressive e-FRM program will engage avid sports fans and will entertain the occasional fan. Dr. Goldwasser challenges every professional sports team to use the Internet to increase fan retention and loyalty and to enhance their fan’s game experiences, thus building long term relationships with their fans which will positively impact the team's profitabilty and bottom line.
"This is a book that has the potential to change how sports teams relate to their fans." Todd Santino, Arizona Cardinals
SYNOPSIS All professional sports organizations around the globe are looking for new avenues to build their fan base, to retain their fans and to increase their profits. The Sports Business Journal estimates that the size of the sports industry in the United States alone at over $213 billion annually (2006) and every professional sports organization wants to increase their share of this very profitable pie. By using information acquired from their fans, personalized electronic fan relationship management (e-FRM) services can be offered enhancing fan value and team profitability. By developing an e-FRM strategy, professional sports teams can develop long term relationships with their global fan base, can develop marketing and sales of new products based on the information collected from their fan relationships, can enhance the game experience and can develop a more personalized and unique relationship with each individual fan.
"Lots of great ideas and information that will help sports teams build interest and excitement among their fan base." Joe Andrade, Orlando Magic
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Under the direction of Dr. Michel Polski of the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, Dr. Bob Goldwasser investigated and researched the theories presented here over a three year period. The New Orleans Hornets (now the Pelicans), a professional sports team that competes in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States, was very cooperative in allowing Dr. Goldwasser access to its fan base and to its executive staff. An Internet survey was executed that studied the responses of 1,246 Hornets’ fans towards the team's use of the Internet. The evidence uncovered in the collection of data allowed Dr. Goldwasser to reach the conclusions relative to the question of how the Internet can be used by professional sports teams to successfully manage their fan relationships through an electronic fan relationship management strategy. Dr. Goldwasser now teaches classes in the areas of Sports Marketing, International Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management at leading online business schools at the BA, MBA and DBA level.
"Dr.Goldwasser founded the new concept of Fan Relationship Management (FRM), acknowledging this unique way in which a fan is more than a customer. Dr.Goldwasser extended the FRM concept to the online component of sports, being the first to establish the foundations of e-FRM. Dr.Goldwasser will show you how the Internet gives fans more respect, provides a sports organization with the opportunity to communicate with fans on a more personal basis, and generally gives a sports organization an opportunity to serve its fans more cleverly and accurately. For this reason, I am sure this book will offer you some new and exciting insights…" Dr. Michel Polski Grenoble Ecole de Management
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